On this day Tuesday 26th of May 2020 had occurred under the agreement between:
1. Name : Hery Oktavianus Saroha Lumbanbatu, PhD.
Occupation : General Manager
Address : 20 Pandanaran’s Street Semarang

In this case acted in his position as director of and therefore acting for and on behalf of a limited liability company PT GAARA FINANCE is located at 55 IMAN Bonjol’s Street, Semarang hereinafter called the FIRST PARTY
2. Name : Michael Yudha, SE.
Age : 22
Address : 12 Pemuda’s Street Semarang

In this case acting for and on ourselves, hereinafter called the SECOND PARTY
Previously, the Parties to explain these things in advance as follows:
– That the FIRST PARTY with SECOND PARTY is intended to employ, and the SECOND PARTY hereby agrees to work on the FIRST PARTY with status as permanent employees.
– That the FIRST PARTY SECOND PARTY for the post of hiring staff or an office to carry out administrative work.

Furthermore, the Parties agreed to entering into this Employment Agreement with terms and conditions as outlined in the following chapters:

Article 1

Employment Agreement is valid for a period of one year from the date of signing of this Employment Agreement. After a period on the up, with the consent of both parties this agreement may be extended.

Article 2

SECOND PARTY will be placed as an Officer in the Department of Administration. If deemed necessary and desired, can put the FIRST PARTY SECOND PARTY in performing duties and other work by the FIRST PARTY are considered suitable and in accordance with skill SECOND PARTY, the provisions are still within the scope of this company.

Article 3

1.FIRST PARTY will provide to the SECOND PARTY salaries amounting to Rp 3 million (three million rupiah) per month and other allowances in accordance with applicable regulations of the Company.
2.SECOND PARTY salary payments will be paid at the end of each month directly to the SECOND PARTY account

Article 4

SECOND PARTY agrees to follow the working hours during the five working days a week, starting on Monday and ends on Friday, working hours start from 08:00 pm until 16:00 pm

Article 5

1.If available the work that must be resolved or are urgent, the SECOND PARTY able to work overtime, and to the FIRST PARTY will be working overtime pay to the SECOND PARTY as determined by the provisions of the Ministry of Labor.
2.Payment of overtime will be paid at once together with the salary to be received SECOND PARTY at each end of the month.

Article 6


1.SECOND PARTY is entitled to annual leave according to the provisions of company rules and regulations concerning labor government for 12 days.
2. The filing of leave can be done no later than one week prior to the execution of approved leave with and permission from the respective direct superior

Article 7

SECOND PARTY is entitled to treatment and care costs if PI-RIGHTS OF BOTH sick or need health care in accordance with the terms, rules and regulations that have been set by the Government.

Article 8

SECOND PARTY is willing to abide by all rules regulations of companies that have established the FIRST PARTY. Violations of these regulations can result in the discontinuation or SECOND PARTY administrative penalty as set out in the regulations of the company rules.

Article 9

1.SECOND PARTY probation for a period of three months from the date of this Agreement.
2.During probation, termination of employment if the SECOND PARTY can not demand compensation or severance pay.
3.If the SECOND PARTY considered as eligible employees through the evaluation during the trial by the FIRST PARTY, the first party shall notify in writing to the SECOND PARTY SECOND PARTY that will be raised and the status as permanent employees.

Article 10


This agreement was terminated by itself when the SECOND PARTY died, or because of government action, or any resulting agreement was no longer possible to be realized. In the case of SECOND PARTY made a mistake on the company’s weight, employment agreement may be canceled by the FIRST PARTY with no obligation to provide severance pay.

Article 11

If there is any dispute in the execution of this Employment Agreement, the Parties shall resolve by way of deliberation. And, if the Parties can not be resolved will be done through the Office of the Registrar of the District Court of Semarang.

Similarly Work Agreement is made as legitimate evidence by the parties on the day, date, month and year as mentioned at the beginning of the Agreement.


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